NORTH Ayrshire Council is extending its budget engagement process - after less than 200 people completed their challenge.

In late November, NAC launched its Budget Challenge website and it gave residents the chance to look at where savings would have to be made and what impact this would have on certain services provided.

It was due to be taken down this week but the council has extended it until late January to let more people take part.

By taking the Budget Challenge, residents can decide how they would allocate money to each service and see the potential consequences of this in real time.

Locals are also given the opportunity to add comments to express their own views on council services.

This is the first time the Council’s budget engagement process has given every household in North Ayrshire the chance to have their say on spending priorities.

Council Leader Joe Cullinane said: “The council has had to cut £73million from its budget over the last six years as a result of austerity. Financial projections suggest we face further funding challenges over the next three years.

“We are facing an increased demand for our services at a time of reduced funding and unless this situation changes, there is no escaping the fact that the services that Councils across the country deliver are going to change. 

“The online budget challenge will allow people right across North Ayrshire to have their say by setting out what they believe should be our priorities in their own budget.

“We will take the results of the online engagement and use this to inform the budget.”

The Budget Challenge has now been extended until January 21 and you can take part by visiting budgetchallenge. You can also take part online in local libraries.