AN IRVINE dog owner is appealing for people in the town to keep an eye out for his lost pooch.

Nathan Primrose says his black Tibetan terrier Stan bolted from Irvine Beach Park yesterday afternoon and was last seen running between Rockware and the Maritime Museum heading towards Victoria Park.

Stan, who lives with Nathan's mum Eve, is new to the family and Nathan says he is a timid and frightened little rescue dog.

He said: "Stan has only been with us for a few weeks and he is very scared. He doesn't even respond to dog treats becasue he's never had any. 

"He’s very nervous if approached he would be completely spooked.

"I would ask if anyone sees him to call me and I will come straight away to get him or look for him. If you want to try and keep him where he is it's probably best not to approach him suddenly.

"The best thing is to get down to his level and gently call his name. If he sees you moving towards him he thinks you're going to hit him. 
"I’ve been asked if he’s aggressive but he is so non-aggressive, he’s just very very frightened. If approached sharply he’ll run again."

The family are pleading with people to keep an eye out for Stan and try and bring him home.

Stan is fully chipped and should still have two leads attached to him.

Nathan added: "He had 10ft of leads attached to him when he ran. Even if he has chewed through him, he will still have around 2m on him.

"Everyone has been wonderful already and we can't thank them enough. Please keep looking out for him. We just want to bring him home."