A 16-year-old has been reported for assault after an altercation between teenagers in Irvine’s Rivergate.

Police turned up in force last Friday, with three police vehicles along with an ambulance seen out outside the shopping centre.

Six police officers were observed dealing with a large group of teenagers after Rivergate security alerted authorities over an incident.

Police confirmed to the Times that two teenagers were reported to be squaring up to each other in the shopping centre, resulting in a 15-year-old boy being knocked to the ground.

After being checked over by the ambulance crew no further treatment was required.

Chief Inspector Brian Shaw said: “At around on 8.50pm on Friday, January 19, police received a report from Rivergate security of teenagers squaring up to each other in the shopping centre.

"Witness statements were taken by police and CCTV was looked at, resulting in a 16-year-old being reported for assault.”