IRVINE'S brave little warrior princess Meadow Pipe has been laid to rest.

Hundreds of mourners packed in to St Andrew's Church in Caldon Road on Wednesday to say a final farewell to the beautiful wee battler who defied the odds from the day she was born.

Meadow died on January 6 after being born with an incurable blood disease and Microcephaly disorder. She was just three-years-old.

Meadow's heartbroken mum Laura was distraught and comforted by her mum Jeanette, as the tot's tiny pink coffin was brought from a horse-drawn fairytale carriage into the church.

Meadow's tiny coffin was carried in by her devastated dad Graham, big brothers Taylor and Logan and papa Lenny Pipe and reduced the entire congregation to tears as they gently brought her through the hall as the song Jealous of the Angels by Donna Taggert was played.

Chaplain Monica Stewart from Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) conducted a touching service for Meadow and paid tribute to the "wee bundle of joy" who was adored by everyone.

She told the congregation: "Meadow had a difficult start in life. When she was 14-days-old she ended up being taken from Crosshouse to Yorkhill and that is where she was to spend the next nine months.

"Laura and Graham were told it was unlikely that Meadow would be unable to talk or walk as she grew up. But being the wee warrior that she was she was soon proving everyone wrong.

"It turned out that Meadow as very good indeed at communicating, she had a while range of facial expressions and sounds which clearly told those around her what she was wanting or not wanting and she even learned how to say 'mum'."

Chaplain Stewart also paid tribute to the strength of Meadow's parents who could not have loved her any more. She said: "As gran Jeanette said it takes special parents to look after a child with such complex needs. Laura and Graham stepped up to the mark and beyond and ensured that Meadow's life was full of happiness."

The service also heard how Meadow was in every way a typical girl princess, much to proud mum Laura's delight.

Chaplain Stewart said: "Meadow's other name was 'Princess' and when she was out and about in town she was treated like royalty. Having had boys, Laura enjoyed dressing meadow up to the nines so the more diamonte, bows and frills, the better. Meadow had 175 bows which must, surely be a record.

"So when she was being pushed around town in her big Silvercross pram Meadow would get lots of attention. Sometimes it would take Laura and Graham hours to do whatever they were trying to do because they had to stop so often. Meadow was a sociable wee thing and loved all the attention."

Meadow was much loved by her family, especially her siblings. Chaplain Stewart said: "She adored her big brothers and had them wrapped around her little finger. Then when Summer came along the two of them would lay on the floor together and Meadow always had a smile for her wee sister. Although there was the time when Meadow walloped Summer in the eye, probably just to remind her little sister of the fact that she was big sister."

Grandparents Isobel and Lenny Pipe, Jeanette and David Muir all doted on Meadow too. The service heard how papa Lenny would make her laugh with his big moustache and funny faces and before he passed away last year, Granda David would "have her in stitches trying to get his bunnet off his head".

Chaplain Stewart said Meadow finally succumbed to her illness when her kidney's began to fail. She said: "The day that Meadow died, she was supposed to be going to the Children's Hospital in Glasgow. Her kidneys were failing and it looked as thought she was going to have to start dialysis. This would have been life changing both for her and for the family and so perhaps, she decided herself that she wasn't up for that.

"She had lived life fully and well for three years and now it was time to say goodbye. It's good to think that Meadow was in fine spirits, her usual smiling self, right up until she died."

Chaplain Stewart ended the service with these words, specially chosen by her family: "A beautiful Meadow, Flowers everywhere all blooming and yellow,

"That is where I am, it is warm and I am safe.

"The only noise my giggle on the breeze

"So mum and dad don't cry so hard, don't worry or be sad, you named me well.

"For that's what I am, a beautiful Meadow. I am running through the flowers and I am free."