The Harbour Arts Centre will again form the scene of the crime on Friday when a group of crime writers show they’re up for a laugh.

The comedy mystery ‘Carry on Sleuthing: A Death On The Ocean Wave’ first perplexed audiences during last year’s Tidelines.

Now it’s back to raise cash for the charity Break the Silence - complete with new lines and new characters.

‘Same mystery and same jokes, though,’ said Douglas Skelton, who wrote the original script.

Authors Caro Ramsay, Pat Young, Michael J. Malone and Theresa Talbot join Skelton in the show at 7pm, Friday, February 2.

Reading from scripts, in the manner of a radio play, they take on multiple parts by donning different costumes and accents of varying degrees of accuracy.

The audience is invited to wade through the mire of puns and old jokes to unmask the killer.

Skelton continued: ‘All the clues are there, the audience just has to spot them.’

Break the Silence provides a range of tailored, holistic support options for survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse, aged 13 years and above.

For further information and tickets for Friday’s show, priced £8, contact the HAC on 01294 274059.