AN IRVINE mum who left her children smeared in faeces and living in squalor while she got drunk is awaiting sentence for child neglect.

The 43-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was supposed to be looking after two children, aged five and three, at an address in Livingston Terrace, Irvine, in May last year, when she was found to be heavily intoxicated, telling police “I’m f*****g steaming. I don’t care.”

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard a health visitor had called to the address at around 1pm on May 16, to see the family and from outside could hear children crying and the accused shouting and swearing.

The court heard the two children had tried to open the door but were unable to open it fully because of a security chain at the top.

The health visitor called police and social workers. Officers arrived shortly afterwards and found the mother inside, wearing only a short t-shirt, heavily intoxicated and slurring her words.

Police found one of the children had dried faeces smeared on his leg and had appeared to have soiled himself.

The house was in total disarray with dog food and knives strewn across the kitchen floor, as well as other food items.

A deep fat fryer had been pulled from the kitchen surface with the container on the floor with cooking oil on the work surface.

Upstairs, in the rear bedroom police found the children had pushed a foot stool to the rear window which they had been climbing up.

Social work was then contacted and the children were taken to the father’s address.

Throughout the incident the accused made no attempt to care for her children or attempt to help.

When told of the seriousness of the situation, she replied: “I’m f*****g steamin’, I don’t care.”

She was then cautioned and charged with wilful neglect in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering or injury to health and did consume so much alcohol that she was unable to take care of those children.

The mother pled guilty by letter on January 18. Her solicitor Gale Davidson said her client still had her children living with her.

She told the court: “It’s clearly a very serious set of circumstances. The children are still in her care under supervision.”

Sheriff Hanlon asked for reports before he could pass sentence.

He said: “I think reports in this instance are necessary. “I’m going to adjourn for a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and Restriction of Liberty.”

Sentence was deferred until next month.