A DOG owner is facing having his pet destroyed after it attacked a woman and sank its teeth into another dog’s throat.

Connor McPhee, 27, admitted having his German Shepherd dangerously out of control in Livingston Terrace on May 22 last year where it attacked another dog and a woman and chased children in the street.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard that a female dog walker was leaving her home at around 3.45pm, to take her dog, a small shih-tzu, for a walk.

The victim said McPhee’s dog, named Ziva, came from behind a hedge and entered her front garden and grabbed the dog’s neck between its teeth, with so much force it lifted the small dog off the ground.

The victim noticed the dog did not have a lead on or an owner present. She grabbed her own dog’s lead and tried to free it from the German shepherd’s grip and the larger dog then ran from the garden into the street.

The court heard the small dog was uninjured and the owner took it inside her house then went to the address, she believed to be the home of McPhee and saw the front door slightly open.

She had gone to make McPhee aware of what had happened but no one came to the door. It was then that the German shepherd came from within the house and chased her.

The court was told the dog jumped and sank its teeth into her outer right thigh and bit her right ankle.

Following the attack, which was also witnessed by anther neighbour, the German shepherd then made its way down the street, which allowed the injured woman to go home and call police.

The dog was seen running about the street out of control and chasing young children on the road. This made the victim re-attend the home of McPhee where she saw the him sitting on the step.

She told him that his dog was running about chasing children.

He replied: “It’s no my fault, it’s nothing to do with me.”

A short time later, police attended and the victim’s injuries were viewed, which were grazing to her right ankle and a puncture mark to her outer right thigh.

Sheriff Michael Hanlon told McPhee he would be considering destroying the dog.

He said: “Obviously the destruction of the dog is something that need to be considered. The other thing that concerns me is his attitude when he was told what was happening.”

Representing McPhee Alex Muir said: “He’s taken responsibility of what happened that day. This dog’s a family pet. He has a garden that’s not fenced in.”

The case was adjourned until next month for reports and whilst the court considered destroying the dog.