Irvine residents are reminded to remain vigilant following a rise in reported incidents of thefts from vehicles in the area.

During the early hours of Monday, February 12 a 33-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with the theft from two vehicles and a shed at around 12.30am hours in the Duntonknoll and Quarry Road area of Irvine.

PC John Scott, of the Irvine Locality Policing Team, said: "We are reminding everyone to be vigilant and check the security of their vehicles and have been distributing postcards with our top security tips in the area as there are some simple steps we can all take to reduce the opportunity of us falling victim to crime.

"For example by removing items of value from open display and double checking your vehicle is locked before walking away from it.

"In addition to this I would encourage anyone who witnesses people acting suspicious to contact police immediately by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency."

Police Scotland advise residents to:
- Lock your vehicle and keep the keys secure within your home away from the main entrances and not on open display.
- Remove valuable items from your car when unattended.
- Try to park your car in a well-lit area.
- If you have security devices for your home and car use them at all times.
- Always use and lock gates and garages.
- Position movement sensor lighting to activate should anyone approach your vehicle or home.