North Ayrshire's world premiere musical Invisible is to feature on the popular Kay Adams' radio programme on BBC on Monday, February 26.

Director and performer Drew Cochrane and Guido Corvi, a member of the Sunshine Club, will be interviewed on the Radio Scotland morning show about the forthcoming premiere at the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine on Thursday and Friday, March 1 and 2.

The unique production, featuring the songs of Kilwinning musician Robin Lucas, is an inspiring tale about those who battle back from ABI - Acquired Brain Injuries - and is a collaboration between experienced actors, singers and members of the real-life Sunshine Club.

Former editor Drew said: "Robin who returned to music after a horrendous car crash and head damage does not like to speak about what was a devastating time for him but I am delighted that we are being given a platform on national broadcasting to speak about remarkable people who have battled back from such injuries.  One of the sufferers was declared dead in Dubai and put in a body bag for a week but lives to tell the tale."

Another ABI victim, Guido Corvi, who used to be a disc jockey, plays a leading role in Invisible, 'a musical for head cases.'

All funds from the entertaining shows at the Harbour Arts Centre will go towards the work of SHIMS, the Scottish Head Injury Musical Support group, founded by Robin Lucas.  Tickets at £10 can be obtained from the theatre (01294 274059) or on the Ticketmaster website.