Devastated Dog owner Richard Ulph, of Stewarton, is continuing to appeal to local people for their help in the search for his beloved dog.

Sascha, a collie/whippet cross, went missing on February 13 and there have been a handful of sightings since.

Sascha, who is a rescue dog, has a serious form of epilepsy and without medication now for a week her owner is desperately worried for her.

Family and friends as well as volunteers have been involved with one member travelling as often as possible to assist in the search. 

Richard said: “Everyone has been brilliant. The community spirit has really kept us going but we still need everyone’s help.

“All we ask is that everyone remains alert and vigilant and if they see Sascha please please call me straight away. Time is of the essence with sightings and the quicker we can get there, the higher the chance we have of securing her safely. 

“Ideally we need anyone spotting Sascha to not call or shout her as the advice is she will run further - all we need is you to call us (07882 611466).

“Take a note of the time, exact location and what direction she heads off in. If you can keep eyes on her at a distance without scaring her to see where she goes while you call us please do. But don’t try and catch her as it could set us further back if you don’t get her.”

Volunteers and friends and family have spent the last week searching everywhere possible to see if Sascha is either stuck somewhere or lying low after a fit.

However several sightings at the end of last week have them fresh hope that Sascha is okay and on the move and they desperately need sightings 

Richard added: "We would ask that people in the neighbouring villages also keep an eye out as Sasha may well have travelled further afield now." 

If you sight Sascha please contact Richard on 07882 611466