LOUDOUN Montgomery Primary School has won a contest for pupils to go on the Ultimate School Trip.

People have been voting in their droves for the Irvine primary school and tonight they were announced as the winners of the Jet2 competition.

Pupils from the school will travel to Marjorca next month and stay for three days enjopying a VIP send off.

Once they arrive, the whole class will have an afternoon of free time for fun at Katmandu Park before celebrating together at an amazing welcome party hosted by Dick & Dom.

Pupils will also enjoy fun and interactive Science, History, Drama and Crafts workshops hosted by Dick & Dom plus other popular children’s TV stars before heading home the following day.

A spokesperson for the school said the children were delighted to have won the top prize: "Thanks to everyone who voted for our Ultimate School Trip entry. We are eternally grateful as the children’s emotional reactions made it all worth while. It is a win for North Ayrshire! A win for Loudoun Montgomery"