Irvine has been branded the most adulterous town in Scotland, with more than 1,700 residents claimed to be seeking affairs online.

According to figures in the 'Infidelity Index' released today, Irvine has 1,782 adulterous residents.

That represents a 14 per cent increase of 216 compared to the previous year - and makes it the most adulterous town in Scotland and fourth across the UK.

The Infidelity Index compiles the most adulterous towns and cities by mapping the postal data of users of adultery dating website IllicitEncounters, against each location's adult population.

Neighbouring Kilwinning has 250 unfaithful parters, while across North Ayrshire Saltcoats has 169, Ardrossan 126, Stevenston 115, Largs 86, and seven living in Millport.

Stewarton was second in the list for Ayrshire with 516, while Kilmarnock has 495 and Ayr 318.

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, said: "A lot of Scots are trapped in unhappy marriages. They are sticking with their partners but seeking discreet excitement elsewhere.

"We have seen a strong rise in cheating in Irvine with a 14 per cent rise in the last year.

"We tend to find that new towns in Scotland are hotbeds for cheating. Livingston is another new town where adultery is rife.

"Cheating has never been more popular in Scotland and there has been a strong surge since the independence vote four years ago with a 20 per cent rise in numbers."

The second most adulterous town in Scotland was Leith in Edinburgh, which is home to over 1,000 adulterers, while Inverness is the most adulterous city in Scotland and 8th in the UK.

Glasgow is the most faithful city in Scotland, and the most faithful city in the UK.