AN Irvine youngster has become a global internet sensation after urging people to wear odd socks this World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.

A video starring Castlepark girl, Chloe Lennon has gone viral – being viewed more than 20million times across the world.

Chloe’s mum Jade, 25, posted the video of her asking people to support Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day on Wednesday, March 21.

In the 28-second video, which has been shared almost 700,000 times around the globe, the plucky five-year-old says: “Hi everyone. I am Chloe. I am five-years-old. Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day is on the 21st March. Please wear odd socks to celebrate. Have a good Day.”

Chloe even signs off by blowing a kiss.

The video has gained support from people all over the world who have warmed to Chloe’s charming personality and the youngster has even inspired one mum-to-be to go forward with her pregnancy after finding out her unborn child had Down’s Syndrome.

Jade said: “A woman from America contacted me to say she had been for her scan and been told her baby had Down’s Syndrome and after watching Chloe’s video and reading about her she is no longer as scared as she first was and is going to have her baby.

“That just makes everything worthwhile and is exactly the reason we raise awareness.”

Jade says to know that Chloe has inspired people is ‘overwhelming’.

She said: “I can’t believe the reaction to it. It has been overwhelming. My phone has just not stopped.

“At one point I thought it was going to blow up because it was just constant.”

But while reactions on the whole have been overwhelmingly positive, Jade says she was left upset when vile internet trolls posted nasty comments about Chloe, with one woman saying she was “genetically defective”

Jade said: “After all of the support since Monday, I was feeling quite deflated after reading a comment section on a page that shared Chloe’s video.

“That woman’s was one of them, saying Chloe was “not gorgeous, she is genetically defective” and “our society needs to stop glorifying mental and physical defectiveness”.

“Others wrote negative things about how I dressed Chloe, that I’m pushing my own agendas on to her, I’m a bad mother because I’m using Chloe to get ‘Facebook famous’ and even one ridiculous remark that I wax her eyebrows.

“I knew there was going to be comments like this, I was prepared for it, but it doesn’t make it any less sore to read.”

In the week since the Times exclusively revealed wee Chloe had been picked from more than 700 people to be the UK Ambassador for American Down’s Syndrome charity, Nothing Down, the youngster has also made appearances on news outlets on TV and radio following her big video success.

Holyrood nod for wee Chloe

CHLOE Lennon looks set to be honoured by the Scottish Government for her achievements in changing perceptions to Down’s Syndrome.

MSP Ruth Maguire has tabled a motion in Holyrood to “congratulate” the fiveyear-old “on her outstanding achievement in being selected as the UK Ambassador for the US-based charity, Nothing Down”.

MSP Ruth said after reading Chloe’s story in the Irvine Times she felt compelled to act.

She said: “I was very proud when I found out last week that Chloe had been selected by US-based Charity, Nothing Down, as their UK ambassador.

“Chloe is doing amazing work in transforming people’s perceptions of Down Syndrome and I was delighted to lodge a parliamentary motion to congratulate Chloe and to raise awareness of her outstanding work and achievement. I wish Chloe every success for the future – I am sure that she will be a brilliant ambassador!”