A PAEDOPHILE made seedy calls to a TV porn channel just two days after being released from prison for raping a six-year-old girl he snatched from a swing.

Sick Jamie Evans – who was formerly known as Jamie France – was caught phoning and texting Babestation from his flat in Irvine, just one day after being entrusted with a mobile phone.

The 26-year-old was given an 11-year extended sentence at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2007 after admitting raping a six-year-old girl in Stevenston.

Evans, who was 15 at the time, snatched the child from a swing, dragged her over a fence and into woods where he assaulted her.

He admitted he had been spying on her for three weeks before the shocking rape.

Evans faced trial again last Thursday, (March 22) at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court after pleading not guilty to deleting the Babestation number from his mobile phone.

Evans, of Burns Street in Irvine, was released from prison on October 30 last year and put into the care of the North Ayrshire Offender Management Unit, based at Irvine Police Office.

The court heard from PC Tony Dooner, 53, who was directly responsible for Evans and had collected him from HMP Kilmarnock on the day of his release.

PC Dooner said Evans was given a “very basic mobile phone which was not internet capable” which was registered with police and subject to random, unannounced checks.

As part of his bail conditions Evans was not allowed to delete any material whatsoever from the phone.

However, on November 11, during one of the unannounced visits to Evans’ home, another officer PC Stuart Stirling told the court that he had seen the number 89545 in the call logs of Evans’ phone.

PC Stirling testified he had seen the call had been made the night before, on November 10 at around 10.30pm and made a note of it to pass on to PC Dooner.

Giving evidence, PC Dooner said: “That was unusual to me. I had never seen that number on Jamie’s phone. I knew it was a premium number and when I Googled it I found out it was Babestation.

“That made sense to me because Jamie had told me he enjoyed watching Babestation and I had noticed how much money he was putting on his phone and I was starting to wonder where all his credit was going.

“There’s nothing wrong with Jamie enjoying an adult pornographic TV station, but there is a problem with him deleting it from his phone.”

The officer then made a follow up visit to Evans and checked the phone again to see if the number was still present and didn’t see it in the call logs.

PC Dooner then asked Evans outright if he had made any calls to the porn channel and he replied: “No because it costs £2 per minute”.

PC Dooner said he was not convinced by Evans so contacted Babestation to request call records.

The records revealed that Evans had begun regularly calling and texting the porn channel days after getting the phone – then deleting the history.

The first call to the porn line was made on November 1 – just two days after Evans was handed the mobile phone with more calls and text messages made up until November 10 – when the number was discovered in his phone.

Despite the call log evidence, Evans’ lawyer Miss Morrison said her client still denied deliberately deleting the number from the log – claiming it had been deleted accidentally by officers who came to visit him daily to check his phone.

She said: “Mr Evans’ position is that if anything has been deleted it has been done by accident because several people have access to his phone on a daily basis.”

However Sheriff Michael Hanlon dismissed this excuse, saying: “Mr Evans, due to the evidence before me I’m left in no doubt that you are guilty of this offence, so I find you guilty.”

Evans will return to court later this month for sentencing.