RESIDENTS are being asked to come up with ideas for street names for new housing developments.

North Ayrshire’s various Locality Partnerships have been asked to engage with the community to consider new street names to create a bank for future use.

The council is obliged under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 to name each new street within the local authority area, with this name, along with street numbers, becomes the postal addresses.

North Ayrshire’s Locality Partnerships are periodically asked to propose and agree new street names by NAC, with the Irvine partnership considering names for four new streets for the new development at Crompton Way, North Newmoor at their meeting on March 19.

Meeting papers state: “It is proposed that the Locality Partnership devises a list of potential street names for future use. These could be names for use anywhere within Irvine, or specific to an area. “This list could be drawn upon when a street naming request arises, and would help streamline the street naming process.

“Locality Partnership members could consult more widely to input to this list, potentially considering local heritage.

“Once devised it would be shared first with NAC Planning to check for suitability and then Locality Partnership members for comment.

North Ayrshire Council Planning check all suggestions for suitability, including avoiding using a street name more than once across North Ayrshire and grouping similar sounding names to the same general area.

“They will look favourably on street names that have a connection with the area, wider area or North Ayrshire as a whole. Streets can be named after prominent figures, historically important events or features relating to the development area.

If you have any suggestions for street names, email