A MAN has admitted to assaulting his own girlfriend during a drunken brawl at an Irvine wedding.

Stefan Tait was at a wedding of his girlfriend’s relative at The Gailes Hotel on December 17 last year when he got so drunk bar staff refused to serve him.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 24-year-old had become “cheeky and argumentative” towards his girlfriend of four years and she had pleaded with him to go to bed.

Jobless Tait then left the wedding party, however returned later, after it was finished and the band were packing up, and came across some of his girlfriend’s relatives, when an argument broke out.

Depute fiscal Stewart McMillan told the court: “He came across a number of relatives of his girlfriend’s and an argument has developed between them .

“She tried to calm the accused and got between them and he took hold of her and pushed her violently to the ground where she collapsed into the foetal position.

“Others interjected then and it’s fair to say a scuffle developed.”

The court was told that a bar man who was on duty at the time had also tried to calm the situation and had got between those fighting and ended up taking a blow to the right side of his head.

Eventually Tait, of Gran Street in Clydebank, was ejected from the premises and locked out until police arrived and arrested him.

During a hearing at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week he pled guilty to assaulting his partner and also to possessing cannabis at the time of his arrest.

Defending Martin Duffy said: “There’s a bit of a record but he has been out of bother for sometime and is hopeful for a reconciliation of the relationship.”

Fiscal Mr McMillan said Tait’s former girlfriend was “unsure if the relationship will be rekindled but is open to giving it a chance.”

Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane deferred sentence for good behaviour, telling Tait: “I am only doing this because this is your first offence of this nature. I am hopeful that you are ashamed of your behaviour towards a woman and if drink causes this then you need to temper your drinking.”

Tait will return to court at a later date.