A KILWINNING schoolboy battling five brain tumours has defied doctors by saying his first words – just weeks after doctors said he might never talk again. 

Wee warrior Kieran Crichton has amazed medics and his family this week after sitting up and chatting to family after an operation to remove one of the tumours left him unable to speak.

The plucky 12-year-old has been diagnosed with a rare case of Medulloblastoma – a brain cancer which mainly affects children.

Last month Kieran, who also has autism, underwent an operation at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children to remove the biggest tumour and has been left unable to speak or walk since the surgery.

But the amazing schoolboy took a miraculous step forward this week when he bega n speaking to mum Senga, who has never left his bedside since he was diagnosed.

Senga, 48, said: “My wee warrior makes me more proud as the days go past. He has started to talk.

“It is slow progress but he is a fighter. I’m so happy with ho w he’ s coping with everything.”

Doctors say they are unable to operate further and Kieran’s only hope is that chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill the tumours.

Senga says she is just praying the therapy – which has a 55 per cent success rate – works.

She told the Times: “The doctors have said they can’t operate on his brain again. So that’s it.

“We are just relying on the chemo and radiotherapy working.

“We are just concentrating on keeping him with us and then we can deal with everything else afterwards.”

Kilwinning Academy pupil Kieran was diagnosed with the tumours on March 5 this year, but Senga, from Corsehill, says his health problems stretch right back to last year when he first became sick in November.

The youngster then lost so much weight over Christmas and New Year that Seng a said she “knew something was very wrong”.

An MRI scan in February would eventually confirm Senga’s worse fears and an operation was planned for shortly afterwards.

Since Kieran was diagnosed the whole community has rallied to help the family raise money for any costs that may come up throughout Kieran’s care.

Just this week the 48 Social Club in Kilwinning raised £2,390 for the fund and more money is coming and events are being arranged all the time. Seng a says she has been touched by everyone’s generosity and kindness.

She said: “It’s been amazing. It’s not until something like this happens that you really do realise just how many people are there for you and care.

“There has been so much done for us already and I know there is more planned.

“It’s good to know that people are out to help you in whatever way they can.

“We feel very lucky.”

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