Proposals for a temporary £150,000 fund to help secure the immediate futures of North Ayrshire's biggest festivals will be considered by North Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet next week (Tuesday, 1 May).

The move would ensure that events such as Marymass, as well as other community celebrations, will go ahead as planned this summer.

This is after the Times revealed a bid by NAC officers to charge almost £30,000 from Irvine's Common Good for maintenance it previously carried out for nothing.

With Marymass the main beneficiary of the Common Good fund, the impact of any charge would be significant.

Cabinet member for Communities, Louise McPhater, said: “We know just how important the summer festivals are and we’re keen to ensure they remain a fixture on our calendars.

“After it became clear last year that there would be issues in funding the festivals in the years ahead, we have been examining the best way forward.

“By creating a festival fund for this year, it eliminates any immediate concerns over this summer’s events and gives some much-needed breathing space which can be used to consider ways of finding sustainable sources of funding in the coming years.”

The creation of the £150,000 Festival and Events Fund has been proposed following on from changes to Common Good Funds in Irvine and Largs which will allow grounds maintenance work carried out on Common Good Land to be charged to the appropriate fund.

This is, in turn, is likely to have an effect on the amount of funding available to local festivals which are heavily supported by the Common Good Funds.

Last year, Marymass Festival received £48,000 and the Largs Viking Festival received £5,000.

To allow both of these festivals to be supported, but also to support other festivals and events across North Ayrshire to develop to become more sustainable, the Council has proposed to put in place the one-off festivals and events fund.

If approved, locality partnerships across North Ayrshire will consider how to best distribute the money in conjunction with local groups.