An award has been set up in memory of a much-loved Kilwinning stalwart after he sadly passed away last year.

Jim Kennedy, who was a well-respected historian of the town and the area’s longest serving community councillor, died aged 76 in October.

In tribute to his memory, Kilwinning Community Council has created The Jim Kennedy Award, which will be given to both a junior and senior pupil at Kilwinning Academy.

This will be awarded to pupils who have made a charitable contribution to the community.

Secretary Nairn McDonald said: “Kilwinning Community Council is proud to announce the formation of an award in the memory of our late friend Jim Kennedy.

“The Jim Kennedy Award will be bestowed upon a Kilwinning Academy Pupil – both Senior and Junior - who has volunteered or done work to the benefit of their community.

“Named after our late friend Jim Kennedy the award is focussed on the values Jim held dear; bettering the community of Kilwinning.

“Jim was not only a community councillor for 37 years but he was also a teacher, the foremost historian on Kilwinning and the nicest man you could meet.

“The award will consist of an engraved shield which will be annually engraved with the winners name and the winner will get an engraved medal as well.

“We look forward to the first award in June.”