SOME of North Ayrshire’s most vulnerable residents are now able to relax in their own homes.

That’s because they’ve received support from the council’s Trading Standards team - and received a cold-call blocking machine - that has ended the nightmare of fraudulent bogus callers for them.

And now the team are looking to reach out and help others susceptible to this type of underhand and abhorrent crime.

So far they’ve installed around 90 of the machines across homes throughout North Ayrshire. They’ve now received an additional 150 machines and are keen to find the right homes and help the right people.

Councillor Alex Gallagher, Cabinet Member for Economy, said: “The response we’ve had from people that have received the machines has been great.

“Their lives have been transformed and they no longer live in fear of the phone ringing.

“We still have more of these machines but we want to make sure that it’s the most vulnerable – and those who need them the most – that get them.

“Yes, cold callers can be extremely annoying and can disrupt what you are doing of an evening.

“But most of us can handle that and know how to get rid of them.

“It’s the people that struggle and don’t have that capacity that we want to reach out and help.

“If you do know somebody that would really benefit, then please get in touch.”

The team maintain contact with residents once the devices have been installed and offer ongoing support.

One couple from the Dalry area recently got in touch to express how much their lives had improved since the Trading Standards team intervened.

In a letter, they wrote: “Just a letter to inform you how pleased we are with the system you installed for us a few weeks ago.

“You will be aware that we were receiving a number of distressing bogus calls but now these calls have ceased.

“In fact cold calls have ceased altogether and we can now relax in our own home instead of getting uptight every time the phone rings.”