A North Ayrshire-wide public consultation on the purchase of Irvine’s shopping centre could be on the cards depending on a council vote next week.

A motion has been tabled by Irvine Labour councillors to hold a public consultation to hear residents views on NAC ownership of the Rivergate Shopping Centre at next week's Full Council Meeting.

NAC previously received heavy criticism over the secrecy last year – after the Times published details from a draft of its proposals stating council chiefs were in talks to buy it for around "£55million".

The motion, proposed by Cllr Robert Foster and seconded by Cllr Louise McPhater will ask that elected members accept having a public consultation after Irvine's community councillors wrote to NAC requesting one.

It reads: "Council notes the request by Irvine Community Council for a North Ayrshire wide public consultation, including the sharing of information with the public, regarding the previous proposal to purchase the Rivergate Centre and resolves to support the request."

At its meeting on Wednesday, Irvine South Cllr Robert Foster said: "There is hopefully going to be a public consultation through North Ayrshire Council.

"In terms of wanting this motion to be passed you have until the Wednesday, May 9 to lobby other councillors to vote for it. If the vote goes the same way and is lost by one vote there will be no consultation."

At a confidential meeting on December 20, 2017, Labour voted for purchasing the mall, while the Conservative group and Independent councillors voted against it.

The SNP split between Irvine and Kilwinning councillors being in favour while most members across North Ayrshire rejected the bid.