THE FAMILY of a young Kilwinning woman diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour have spoken of their devastation after doctors told them she has just months to live.

Linda Unwin, 25, was diagnosed in February with High Grade Glioma Glioblastoma - an aggressive, incurable brain tumour.

Doctors have told the family she has nine to 13 months left to live, however Linda’s mum Cath McKnight says her “incredible” daughter is determined to beat it.

She said: “The doctors have said it’s terminal but Linda just said ‘Mum, if anyone can beat this, it’s me.’

“She is determined to be the one person who beats it.

She is fighting it with everything she has.”

Linda, who is from Blacklands, first fell ill in February after taking a random seizure.

Cath said: “On February 3 this year she was out with her friends and she took a seizure. We took her to Crosshouse Hospital but the consultant said there was nothing wrong with her and sent her home.

“After that she took 10 seizures in a row. She had a brain scan and they said there were abnormalities.

“She was then sent to the Queen Elizabeth in Glasgow for an operation to remove the tumour but when they went in they realised it wasn’t possible. They thought the tumour was sitting on top of the brain but they discovered it had burrowed down into the brain and they couldn’t remove it.

“Two days later she was back at work. But the following week we went back up and they told us Linda had terminal brain cancer and it was a very aggressive form. It was already at stage four which is just too late.”

Linda is currently going through an intensive six week radiation and chemotherapy regime which medics hope will extend her life.

Despite the treatment leaving the graphic designer exhausted, she is still finding time to laugh and crack jokes.

Cath says she has amazed her, dad Tom, 44, and 18-year-old brother Tom.

She said: “She has a bit of a dark sense of humour, we both do, and that is helping us both cope with this.

“Linda just amazes me every single day, she blows me away. She is talking about when she gets back to work and going travelling. We just don’t know what is ahead but she is determined she will get to do the things she loves again. She is truly an incredible person, and makes us proud every day.”

Cath has set up a GoFundMe page for Linda and friends and family have already raised £3,600.

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