The Fullarton High Flats are set to be demolished after residents agreed to council proposals to knock them down.

Now the two key recommendations will go forward for approval at North Ayrshire Council's Cabinet which will see the five blocks in Irvine coming down

The two blocks in Saltcoats will remain but with upgrades.

The six-week engagement process drew to a close on Wednesday, May 2, with 82 per cent of tenants and residents taking part.

The recommendations which look likely to be agreed on June 19 are: 

  • To rehouse the 275 households in Fullarton, Irvine, before demolishing the five tower blocks and building replacement housing on-site and elsewhere in Irvine by late 2023.
  • Not to proceed with the demolition of the two Saltcoats tower blocks. Instead, detailed proposals will be developed to upgrade the two buildings, which will include the installation of sprinklers.

North Ayrshire Council Leader Joe Cullinane said: “First and foremost, I want to thank all of the residents who took part in the consultation.

“We said from the outset that we would listen to what the residents wanted and these proposals reflect their wishes.

“In Irvine, the tenants were strongly in favour of the plans which would see them rehoused and the tower blocks demolished. This would allow a major regeneration of the Fullarton area with affordable and energy efficient homes built there alongside new, high-quality housing in other parts of Irvine.

“The results in Saltcoats showed just under two-thirds of households wanted to keep the high flats and that’s why the proposal there is not to proceed with demolition. Instead, Council officers will consider potential costs and timetables of an improvements programme before having further consultation with both the tenants and the flat owners.

“If these proposals are approved at Cabinet, then I believe it represents one of the most ambitious housing projects in Scotland which has the power to really change our tenants’ lives for the better.”

Results from the consultation showed that in Irvine, 215 households responded to the consultation out of the 275 properties. 66 per cent of favoured demolition of the tower blocks with 32 per cent favouring retention of the blocks. Two per cent stated no preference.

If the proposals are approved, Council Officers will immediately begin to develop a programme for the work, with the aim of keeping residents fully informed throughout.

In Irvine, it is proposed that Housing Officers will engage with the minority of households who did not want to see the tower blocks demolished to talk further about their individual concerns and how we can help.

In addition, senior officers from the Housing team will hold meetings with tenants and residents in both Irvine and in Saltcoats to discuss the outcome of the consultation.

The Irvine meeting will be held on Tuesday, 15 May, in the Fullarton Community Hub, Irvine.

If you are a tenant or resident of the tower blocks and wish to attend one of the meetings, it is essential that you reserve a place by contacting the Housing team 01294 324031 or emailing