AN IRVINE Karate club welcomed the Provost along to their training session this week.

Provost Ian Clarkson met with youngsters who attend Irvine Takeda Club at Woodlands Primary School last Monday night.

James Heaney who runs the club, said: “The club was very proud to welcome the Provost to training.

“The Provost has very kindly offered his support to the club in our quest to find a full time facility of our own.

“We really appreciate this gesture and are grateful for the Provost taking time out of his busy schedule to meet students.”

Provost Clarkson, said: “There were almost 100 young people, of all ages, being supported by a band of very capable karate coaches.

“It was also good to see the mums and dads, about 40 of them, watching their children from the sidelines.

“I was particularly impressed by the ‘Guru’, James Heaney, who has been coaching young people for well over 50 years.”