BIG kids of all ages could be in for a treat with a new ‘fun factory’ opening in the town this week.

For ice cream shop Vanilla Joe’s has added a twist to its new base in Montgomery Lane, by adding a chute designed for kids - and adults - to take people down from their upstairs seating.

Owner Marco Edge explains: “This runs from upstairs to downstairs so people can use that instead of the stairs, if they like.

“We also have classic and retro arcade games upstairs, games that were out when I was a kid, which we hope adds to this being a great venue for all the family, especially on a rainy day when there’s not much else to do.”

Marco says the factory in Irvine’s Harbourside will give customers a rare insight into the secrets of how he makes his world famous ice cream.

He added: “We decided we needed somewhere bigger to manufacture our ice cream.

“So we managed to get this property and when we had it we just thought it was a great space and we could do more with it.

“So now it will be a kind of fun factory where you can come and buy and eat our ice cream but there is a huge viewing window where you will also be able to watch how it’s made.”