A father and daughter who were involved in a rammy at a Kilwinning caravan park have been ordered to pay compensation.

Matthew and Claire Laidlaw were at an 18th birthday party at Torranyard when they were involved in the disturbance, which a court sheriff described as “a gun fight at the OK Corral”.

The pair from Glasgow appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to one charge of assault.

Miss Laidlaw, 34, also admitted to a charge of assault to injury.

The court heard that at around 1am on August 20, 2017, an argument arose in Torranyard’s function area between a staff member and Miss Laidlaw’s mum.

On seeing the dispute, Miss Laidlaw ran over from the dancefloor and grabbed the woman by the hair. A male staff member tried to break the altercation up.

Mr Laidlaw stepped in and, in the commotion, the female witness was taken to the ground. Mr Laidlaw, 54, also fell to the floor. Miss Laidlaw was on top of the woman punching her to the head and body until someone pulled her off.

She then ran towards the male witness and started punching him to the side of the face. Mr Laidlaw also ran over and punched the man several times. Numerous individuals got involved and tried to split up the scuffle.

Miss Laidlaw was next seen on CCTV going to the bar area, placing down her bag and taking off her shoes while the altercation continued.

She then ran up behind the male witness and slapped and punched him on the face. During the attack, the man’s t-shirt was ripped.

The male witness was uninjured, but the female witness had a broken finger and was treated at Crosshouse Hospital.

Defending both accused, solicitor Mr McCarron said: “There was an altercation involving Mrs Laidlaw and a member of the bar staff and my client Claire Laidlaw completely lost control. She had been drinking during the day. Mr Laidlaw then intervenes on behalf of his daughter.

“As a result of this incident the family are now barred. And, it’s a small community, so their friends and associates have suffered by association.

“Neither of them has a record for violence. They’re not teenagers, they make no excuses. They’re in the dock because they took the entirely wrong option. There is absolutely no recurrence of this type of behaviour. It will not happen again.”

Sheriff Alistair Watson told both accused: “This was utterly disgraceful behaviour and one shudders to think that others with nothing to do with it had to put up with this gun fight at the OK Corral.

“This was an appalling bar rammy. One has to feel for the staff working there who have to deal with drunken behaviour like this. It’s going to have to be a significant financial penalty. In my view, Miss Laidlaw, your conduct was the worst of the two. You broke this woman’s finger.”

Miss Laidlaw was ordered to pay the female witness £600 and the male £150.

Mr Laidlaw was fined £400 and ordered to pay the male witness £500.