AN IRVINE youngster has been signed up as a model for two high street fashion brands.

Little Chloe Lennon has been snapped up by two high street stores to be the face of their forthcoming fashion campaigns.

Chloe’s mum Jade Lennon, 25, says she is not allowed to reveal yet, which firms have signed the five-year-old on to their books.

She said: “I am so, so proud of Chloe. She has been confirmed for her second High Street fashion brand job. I am so excited.”

Chloe, who has Down’s syndrome, took the world by storm back in March, when her mum posted a video of her urguing everyone to support World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.

The heartwarming video quickly went viral being viewed more than 23million times and shared 736,000 times across the globe.

Jade, from Castlepark, said the aim of the video was to break the stereotypes about Down’s syndrome.

She said: “Chloe is just like any other five-year-old and it is heartbreaking when people take one look at her and assume she is not intelligent and she is not capable.

“She is capable, as are all people with Down’s syndrome.”

Since then Chloe, who is an Ambassador for the American Charity Nothing Down, has been signed up to Leeds-based modelling agency Zebedee Management and now has secured her first job.