A KILWINNING woman diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour has been offered a “glimmer of hope” after being accepted onto a clinical trial.

Linda Unwin was diagnosed in February with High Grade Glioma Glioblastoma – an aggressive, incurable brain tumour.

The 25-year-old and her family were left devastated after doctors said she has a year left to live – but the Blacklands woman has been given new hope after being accepted for an ongoing trial.

The trial, which is run by the private Care Oncology Clinic in London, suggest that giving a new combination treatment could double Linda’s life expectancy.

The treatment, which sees patients taking four old drugs; a statin, a diabetes pill, an antibiotic tablet and a dewormer, is affordable, costing just £400 a year.

The average survival time for glioblastoma is estimated to be between eight and 14 months – the average survival time for the patients given the new combination treatment was 27.1 months.

Linda’s mum Cath McKnight told the Times t he family will try anything to keep Linda with them for as long as possible.

She said: “It’s a glimmer of hope and that’s better than nothing. I read about this tr ial online and I emailed the clinic and they came back and said Linda was an ideal candidate.

Previous patients have had their life expectancy doubled so we are very hopeful for Linda and it’s cheered her up so that’s another positive.”

Linda first fell ill in February after taking a random seizure which was followed by another 10 seizures which led to a brain scan where the tumour was discovered.

Linda is currently back at home resting following an intensive six week radiation regime which medics hope will extend her life.

She will return to the Beatson next week to begin chemotherapy. Cath says the graphic designer has amazed her, dad Tom, 44, and 18-year-old brother Tom with her strength and courage.

“Linda just amazes us every single day, she blows me away. She is truly an incredible person, and makes us proud every day.”

Cath has set up a GoFundMe page for Linda and friends and family have already raised £3,600.

If you would like to donate visit gofundme. com/linda-unwin.