A DESPERATE dog owner whose beloved pooch has been missing for four months is appealing for help to find her.

Richard Ulph’s pet dog Sascha, who has epilepsy, vanished without a trace on February 13 whilst he was taking her out a walk.
The much-loved rescue dog has not been seen since.

Richard, 47 and wife Suzanne, 46, say while they hope someone has taken Sascha in, they fear something may have happened to her.

Richard, who lives in Stewarton, told the Times: “I took her a walk to Lainshaw Woods like we always do. We must have done that route more than a thousand times.

“She ran up an embankment, alongside another dog, a Labrador, that was also in the woods for a walk. They both disappeared around a corner and after a minute or so I called her back. The Labrador came back but Sascha never. I looked around but I couldn’t see her so I thought maybe she had gone back to the car to wait for me, but when I went back she wasn’t there.”

Richard said: “There’s a chance she could have fallen in the river, but we have done searches of the whole area and she is nowhere to be found. The whole community have been so kind and helpful.”

If you have any information about Sascha, please contact 07882611466.