A SCORNED lover posted naked pictures of her ex-girlfriend on a dating website then sent her a text saying “I’ve made you famous”.

Spurned Caroline Queen posted an explicit picture on a fake Plenty Of Fish profile she had created of her former girlfriend then taunted and threatened her with text messages.

The 60-year-old Irvine woman appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to posting the picture to the online dating site on April 12 this year.

The court heard that after posting the picture, Queen, of Whitewhisp Court in Bourtreehill, then began sending threatening messages to her ex, taunting her about what she had done.

Fiscal Peter Moyes told the court: “On April 12 this year at about 4.30pm the complainer was at her home address when she received a text from a mobile number and the message read: ‘Love your new profile on PoF’.
“There were further messages stating “I’ve made you famous”.

The court heard the victim checked the Plenty of Fish site and discovered a naked picture of herself attached to a profile and she had suspected Queen was responsible because she knew she had explicit pictures of her from the time they had been in a relationship.

Queen then sent her victim a text message saying: “You never actually said I could not send them to anyone else, so now the fun starts.” before calling and leaving a voicemail.

Mr Moyes told the court: “At 9.30 in the evening on the same day the complainer received a phone call from the same number she believed was the accused.

“She didn’t answer the call but a voicemail was left and on listening to the voicemail she heard Miss Queen stating she was to ‘follow through with her plan’.

“Police were contacted and observed the complainer to be in a distressed state when taking a statement from her.”

Police then went to Queen’s home and she told them the whole thing had been a joke which had backfired.

Mr Moyes said: “She said she posted the picture for a joke and it had her face cut off so you can’t tell it was her.

“She was taken to Saltcoats Police Office and whilst en route she freely stated “This wee joke backfired on me, hasn’t it.”

“She was interviewed at Saltcoats Police Office and she was cautioned and charged and said: “I can’t believe it.”

Simon Brown, defending said Queen had not realised how serious her actions were and was struggling following the breakdown of the relationship and her business.

He said: “She didn’t realise how serious a position she placed herself in. She thought that it would be a joke on the basis that the complainer’s face would be obscured.”

“They were in a relationship for three years and it didn’t end well, resulting in the failure of Miss Queen’s business, with a sum of money being owed to her by the complainer.

“She had been drinking for most of the week in the lead up to this.”
Sheriff Michael Hanlon said: “This is a very serious offence. It’s troubling how serious it is and it caused the complainer a lot of great distress. It was a complete breach of her confidence and privacy.”

Queen was sentenced to a Community Payback Order and given a restriction of liberty order where she has a curfew between 7pm and 7am and was ordered to wear an electronic tag.