CONFUSED swimmers were left in the dark this week after Irvine’s Portal pools suddenly closed over a mysterious “technical issue”.

Both pools at the £20million complex were suddenly closed down on Sunday following an undisclosed incident, but bosses remain tightlipped as to what exactly the ‘technical issue’ was.

However an insider told the Times: “Water has been flooding out the pool and they don’t know how to stop it”.

There was fur ther confusion when leisure bosses seemed unable to clarify when the pool would reopen.

KA Leisure posted on its Twitter page that the pool would be closed until Thursday, however Elderbank Primary School informed parents the pool would be closed until Saturday and when the Times contacted the Potral reception, we were told it would be “at least Sunday” before it would be open again.

The emergency closure means all scheduled swimming lessons for this week have been cancelled.

KA Leisure and North Ayrshire Council would not confirm whether parents who pay direct debit can expect a refund.

Leisure centre goers took to social media this weekend to vent their fury about the late notice of the pool closure.

Posting on the KA Leisure Facebook page John Miller said: “Thanks for letting us know in advance (not). Another disappointed child.” William McDonald added: “Travelled down from Cumnock to find out it was closed and no notice on the website. Shocking.”

KA Leisure bosses had announced last week that both pools at the Portal would have to close for a week while investigation works are carried out.

Both swimming pools will be shut from Thursday, June 14 to Friday, June 22 while works are ongoing.

A KA Leisure spokesman said: “To allow for investigation works to be carried out to the pool surrounds at the Portal, both swimming pools will be closed from Thursday, June 14 to Friday , June 22, inclusive.

“Although frustrating, it is essential that this work is completed.”