AN area of road had to be sealed off after a sinkhole appeared in Irvine.

The hole, which is about a foot in diameter, was discovered on Irvine’s Kyle Road - prompting one resident to call the Times concerned that a child could fall down it and injure their leg.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said the council had been alerted to the sinkhole on Monday, May 28 and workers had since come out and barricaded it off – although was still there by Thursday last week and as the Times went to press.

North Ayrshire Council said it was uncertain whether it was a sinkhole or just a bad pothole – but assured that it will be fixed regardless.

A spokesperson said: “Our road operatives sealed off the area surrounding the hole as soon as we were alerted to it and will carry out necessary repairs as a matter of urgency.”

A sinkhole is any hole in the ground created by erosion and the drainage of water.

They can be just a foot in diameter or large enough to swallow entire buildings.