AN IRVINE man who spat in a policeman’s face has been jailed for a year.

Robert McCulloch is behind bars after a night out at a friends barbecue ended in him being attacked then arrested.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard last week that McCulloch had been at a friend’s party in Kilmarnock when he left and was followed by four men from the party who, he says attacked him and left him wounded in the street.

Representing McCulloch, Colin McLaughlin told the court: “The barbecue took a southward direction and he thought it best to leave. A number of males from the party located him and he was attacked by four of these individuals, some of whom were carrying weapons.

“As a result he suffered a head injury and needed five or six stitches to the back of his head. He was also left with significant marks on his face and body.

“He was trying to make his way home and his recollection is pretty poor as a result of alcohol.”

The court heard McCulloch was was spotted by police in Adgour Road, who noticed he was injured and took him to Crosshouse Hospital.

It was here that the 37-year-old began his tirade of abuse and threatening behaviour towards police and staff.

Fiscal Jennifer Harkins told the court: “He became abusive and aggressive towards staff, refusing treatment. At this point the accused stated to one of the officers ‘I know you. You’re from Kilwinning. I’ll find you, you’re dead’.

“He continued making threats, stating: ‘25 years is f*****g nothing for me. I’ll f*****g find you and kill you.’

“He was then arrested and taken to Kilmarnock Police Office and whilst there he was still agitated and aggressive.

“At one point one of the officers went to close the viewing hatch and the accused spat at him, striking him on the face.”

Defending, Mr McLaughlin added: “His record shows he is very much a man who has been in and out of custody from a very young age.

“His life is very much an example of a revolving door of criminality. He had been out of bother for the best part of three years, which for him is very much an achievement. He wants to avoid going back to prison.”

But Sheriff Shirley Foran refused to be lenient with McCulloch telling him: “The nature of this offence is incredibly serious and unprovoked.”

She sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment.