A MAN who was sexually assaulted by a disgraced priest says he wishes the perverted clergyman had “killed him” so he could have avoided years of torment.

Andi Lavery, who waived his right to anonymity, was repeatedly abused by Father Francis Paul Moore when he was a five-year-old pupil at St Mark’s Primary School in Irvine.

In April, the 82-year-old monster was jailed for nine years for a string of attacks on young boys and a trainee priest.

Since then Mr Lavery has repeatedly spoken of his outrage at the Catholic Church for failing to protect victims

like him from predatory priests like Moore.

This week the Irvine man wrote an emotionally charged open letter to Bishop William Nolan accusing the Bishop of Galloway of “repugnant conduct” towards him and “despicable manner which has left him wishing Father Francis Paul Moore had killed him when he was a five-year-old boy.

In a letter sent to the Irvine Times, Mr Lavery also accused the Catholic Church of empty apologies which are “solely for publicity.”

He wrote: “You made a public apology which is solely for public relations as it is both repugnant to me as is your continued conduct towards me, and simply put, any lack of care.

“You blamed my being suicidal on my actions – I have your emails, your beyond contempt for the despicable manner in which you seemingly treat me as an inconvenience.

“No one, no one person has asked after my welfare or how I am doing or if I need anything.

“Yet tonight Moore will continue to be cared for, as he has always been.

“I honestly wish he had killed me, as I would never had to endure such pain all my life.”

However a spokesman for Bishop Nolan refuted Mr Laverty’s claims that he has not been offered help.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Galloway said: “Bishop William Nolan emailed Andi Lavery on April 13 2018.

“In his email, Bishop Nolan said; “I would like to express my personal apology to you for the abuse that you suffered.

“No young child should be treated that way and have to experience what was inflicted upon you.

“It pains me deeply to know that even now you are suffering from the effects of that abuse, and that the man guilty of abusing you is a priest of Galloway Diocese.

“I am happy to meet with you to express my sorrow face to face if that would be helpful to you.”

In his reply to Bishop Nolan, Mr Lavery said; “An apology is useless merely empty words, it’s why your churches are empty.

“You must either show leadership and offer me justice or remain ineffectual and resign.

“A f***ing apology? Forgive the vernacular but realistically how does that change my circumstances or health or welfare?”

Despite claims from Bishop Nolan and the Catholic Church that Mr Lavery has been offered meetings and help, the 46-year-old insists the church is “delaying and denying” him assistance which has led him to attempt suicide.

He said: “You are simply delaying and denying me any help.

“I tried to kill myself after your clumsy ill thought and deeply offensive emails, as I struggle to rationalise

your fraudulent media appearances of how the priority is to help the victims.

“Where is the help? “Just more f*****g lies Nolan, yet another vacuous Catholic Bishop treating a victim with utter contempt.”