A DREGHORN mum has warned other parents not to use fake tattoos on their children after her son was left blistered and burned on a family holiday.

Diana Brown says her six-year-old son Dylan suffered horrific burns and blisters after applying a snake transfer ‘tattoo’ on his arm.

The Dreghorn Primary pupil was on holiday in Lanzarote when he bought the temporary tattoos from an ‘egg vending machine’.

The excited youngster quickly put one of the tattoos on – but just hours later his arm had blistered beneath the transfer leaving him looking like he had been “scalded”.

Mum Diana says she thinks the combination of the heat and the ‘tattoo’ has caused his skin to burn.

She told the Times: “He put one of those wee transferable tattoos on when he was in Lanzarote. The ones you wet then peel the paper off. With the sun being so hot I think it’s reacted with the tattoo and burnt the area.

“He wasn’ t burned anywhere else. Just on that exact area where the tattoo was. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It looked like he had been scalded.”

The 36-year-old dental nurse is now warning other parents to be careful if they are using fake tattoos.

Diana, who has four other older children, said: “My older kids have all used them in the past and I never thought twice about it but nothing like this has ever happened.

“I would warn other parents that if they are letting their kid swear them, then definitely do not let them be exposed to the sun. Before this happened I would never have thought twice about how the sun affects the tattoos but I won’t be buying them for him anymore.

“I’m just far too worried the sun might affect them and it could happen again.”

Diana took Dylan to the doctor who prescribed a steroid cream and the primary 1 pupil’s arm has all but healed completely.

Diana said: “Luckily he didn’t seem to have any pain with it, but it just looked awful.

“The steroid cream has cleared it up great. He won’t be wearing them again. Not even in Scotland.”