A FULLARTON high flats resident has blasted plans to demolish the blocks – saying the plan ‘doesn’t stand up to reason’.

The proposal, expected to be passed by cabinet next week after consultation with residents, would see all five blocks in Irvine demolished while Saltcoats’ two blocks will stay up.

However, retired accountant John Barr, who said he has spent around £45,000 renovating his flat, questioned the lack of information available on the lifespan of the blocks and said fire concerns are not an issue for the high flats.

Mr Barr said: “The response was disappointing as far as I’m concerned. 62 per cent voted to demolish – but 50 didn’t even vote.

“The option of putting in a sprinkler system was a false premise, there was no need to put in sprinklers in the first place, so why would they make it one of the options?

“This is just a dreadful proposal, very ill thought out.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “All of the council’s tower blocks meet current safety standards. While there is no legal requirement to retrofit sprinkler systems to existing buildings, it is recognised that they can provide additional protection for tenants and residents, and the structural safety of the building, in the event of a fire.

“No building has an indefinite lifespan, and how long it will last depends on its type of construction, and how it has been maintained.

“Over two thirds of residents in the Fullarton tower blocks voted for demolition, and agree with our ambition to see the flats replaced with high quality, sustainable and accessible new housing accommodation.

“Tenants may be eligible for compensation for alterations when their tenancy is terminated. Officers will discuss such matters with residents, as appropriate, if cabinet approval is granted.”