RESIDENTS living in Girdle Toll and Perceton had some temporary new neighbours last week when a gathering of Travellers descended on their community.

Around ten caravans popped up on the field off Middleton Road, between Girdle Toll and Perceton last week.

However the Travellers were not there long after being served with an eviction notice almost immediately after setting up camp.

The Times understands the Travellers arrived in the field on Sunday or Monday and, following notifications from local residents, North Ayrshire Council sent them a court order to move away from the site on Wednesday. 

The council has the power to remove anyone who lives in a vehicle and does not have permission to be on the land they’re parked on.
There is currently an authorised site for Travellers at the Redburn Roundabout in Irvine.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that all the travellers have now left the Middleton Road site, after being served with a court order on Wednesday.