TWO rogue landlords will no longer be allowed to rip people off in North Ayrshire after they were kicked off the register.

And these shocking pictures released by the council show the risk they caused to tenants.

Two of the worst offenders consistently put lives at risk by failing to install smoke detectors in their properties and at a Licensing Meeting last Wednesday, the committee removed one from the council’s Register.

The other landlord – who had previously been kicked off the Register – was knocked back in his bid to re-register as a landlord.

As well the lack of smoke detectors, very few of their portfolio of properties had appropriate gas and electrical safety certificates.

At a meeting of the Licensing Committee, elected members were shown pictures illustrating the dreadful and dangerous conditions. The photos taken during routine inspections show:

• bare wires spliced together and sticking through a hole in a plaster wall

• huge chunks of plaster board exposing gaping holes in the ceiling

• mould on ceilings and walls

The inspections uncovered an array of unacceptable living conditions including broken boilers, windows that wouldn’t close properly and lights that wouldn’t work due to excessive condensation.

The decision by the Licensing Committee follows months of work by a number of council departments – including licensing, housing, building standards and corporate fraud – as the Council continue to get tough in order to protect tenants across North Ayrshire.

Councillor Ronnie McNicol, chair of the licensing committee, said: “This comes as a result of a lot of hard work from various teams across the council. Without their detailed investigations, we wouldn’t have this level of evidence to help inform us.

“We hope the decisions taken on Wednesday act as a warning to other landlords.

“The majority provide a fantastic service and ook after their tenants and help them set up comfortable homes.

“But we have to ensure that tenants across North Ayrshire are protected, safe and are treated with respect.

“Landlords who do not maintain their houses to the legal standards could face sanctions. We will take action – we have proved that in recent weeks.”