BOSSES at Kilwinning Rangers have revealed the true state of Abbey Park in a range of damning photographs.

Just last week the Times exclusively revealed that Buffs chairman Colin Boyd hoped to move the club over to Kilwinning Sports Club because Abbey Park had become “dangerous” due to its ill state of repair.

This week we can give a shocking insight to the state the park is in and reveal it will cost half-a-million pounds to repair it. These pictures show the extent of disrepair at the run-down ground and illustrate the need for a new ground.

When discussing a possible move to the £3.8million Pennyburn sports club, Colin Boyd told the Times: “It might be one, three, five or ten years, but it will happen, eventually.

“The cost of doing up Abbey Park is at least half-a-million pounds to do it up and it’s simply too much for us.

“We have the second worse facilities in the West of Scotland and the Sports Club is just down the road and is a £3.8million facility which essentially doesn’t get used on a Saturday.

“At the moment we train there and hold all our meetings there. “The only thing we do at Abbey Park now is play games there.

“The changing rooms are just not fit for purpose. We have tried to arrange friendlies with professional clubs and they simply will not come to Abbey Park because of the state it is in.

“You just cannot expect professional football players to use those changing rooms. They are not fit for purpose.

“They’re actually a danger and to be honest I don’t think we should be expecting our players to use them.

“They have six months or a year, at the most left in them, then they will need new ones, but the fact is, we don’t have the money.

“And even if we did, the toilets need replaced, the hospitality section needs replaced, there is an awful lot of work that needs to be done there to bring it up to standard.

“We actually showed some of the fans the changing rooms and they were shocked at the state of them.

“It’s a problem which has been 40 years in the making and no one has dealt with it, but we are trying to be honest about it now instead of leaving it another few years.

“Hope is not a plan and for years hope has been our plan.

“We hope someone comes up with the money, we hope we win the lottery, but it’s not going to happen.”