A large pile of tyres recently dumped in Kilwinning was set ablaze on Monday evening.

This is after one of the town's community councillors warned last week that the pile would be 'up in smoke' in days after they were flytipped in the Blacklands.

Fire crews responded to the blaze just before 8pm on Monday evening, after a large plume of black smoke filled the sky in Kilwinning.

A spokeswoman said: "The Scottish Fire and Rescue service were alerted to a fire in Longford Avenue, Kilwinning at 7.49pm after a pile of tyres were set on fire creating a lot of black smoke. 

"Fire crews attended the scene and extinguished the fire within about half an hour."

The tyres, which had been flytipped in the Blacklands in recent weeks, was raised at the last meeting of Kilwinning Community Council, with one member warning they would go 'up in smoke' in days.

Community Councillor Andy Robb said: "When that bollard was out of place, someone came along and dumped 60 tyres there.

"Those tyres they will be going up in smoke just shortly. Guarantee you next week they will be on fire."