A JILTED boyfriend shouted abuse at his terrified ex through her letterbox telling her “I’m listening to you, I’ve heard you all night.”

Douglas Bayley repeatedly sent text messages and made phone calls to his former girlfriend before appearing at her house at 6.30am after struggling to move on from the relationship.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 28-year-old had split from the victim back in January, but could not accept it was over and began incessantly calling and texting her.

The court heard that in the early hours of June 9 this year, Bayley called the victim’s house phone and left two threatening messages telling her: “I’m not joking you. I will come through that f*****g house. Do not f*****g rub it in my face I’m f*****g warning you.

“I hope I made that loud and clear. I’m not f*****g joking you.”

The court was told the terrified woman unplugged her phone but then began to hear Bayley shouting.

The Fiscal said: “She was afraid and unplugged her phone from the power supply. A short time later she heard his voice and looked out the window and could see it was him. The accused shouted: “I can hear you. I’m listening to you” through the letter box.

“The victim went upstairs and seen him standing saying “I’ve heard you all night. I’m not f*****g listening to it anymore. Why didn’t you tell me about Gavin?”

A couple of hours later police attended Bayley’s home address in Fairlie Drive in Lawthorn and he was arrested and taken to Saltcoats Police Office where he told officers: “I didn’t mean itto be threatening in any way.”

Bayley’s defence solicitor told the court his client was “acutely ashamed” of his actions.

He said: “He is 28 years of age and never been in any real trouble. He is acutely ashamed of his conduct. He was heavily involved in the family life of the victim and had some difficulty in moving on.

“He accepts his behaviour is unacceptable and pled guilty from the outset.

Sheriff Hanlon said: “ Your solicitor says this was a one off from the fall out of this relationship so I will defer sentence for you to demonstrate that this was indeed, a one off.”