SOMEONE in Kilwinning tried to blind an airline pilot with a laser pen last month.

Police have since appealed to parents to watch what their children might be doing after a pilot had a laser pen shone up at the plane with the intention of dazzling them.

The incident, concerning a flight from Lanzarote, was reported to police at around 11.30pm on Saturday, May 26.

Speaking at a meeting of Kilwinning Community Council, Inspector Jim McMillan said: “I had never heard of this crime before in the area, but someone was shining a laser pen to dazzle a pilot upon commencing the landing procedure.

“It was a flight that was coming in from Lanzarote, so the pilot had come all the way from Lanzarote, then there’s someone in Kilwinning shining a laser pen in their eyes.

He added: “Air Navigation Act offences were absolutely rife in Glasgow, but it’s certainly not something we have had down here.

“Thankfully there was no major issues, but if there is any information coming out that kids have got laser pens – please as responsible parents don’t let them have laser pens.”