Irvine MCs teamed up to represent Ayrshire in a freestyle rap video.

The video, featuring rappers from Irvine and across Ayrshire, was made by Scottie Media, Scotland’s longest running urban media channel promoting Hip Hop and Grime.

The ‘cypher’ – when MCs take turns freestyle rapping in a circle with mainly improvised lyrics – features artists Lamy, Cauld Cauldren, Honest Dale, MRM, Pro Focus and Rudez.

MC Lamy, real name Scott Lammie, told the Times it was great to represent Ayrshire’s unsung Hip Hop scene.

He said: “It went quite well, the company that came down to film it they’re doing shoots for 15 other cities so there’s quite a lot of people doing it as a series.

Despite Ayrshire being neither a town or city, Lamy said it was great to showcase the county’s top Hip Hop talent.

He said: “In the scene there seems to be a lot of MCs in the likes of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling way – a lot more up north as well.

“Ayrshire is sort of quiet, though seemed to have quite a good Hip Hop element ten years ago.

“It was just to shine a bit of light on it. I only met these guys when we went to do this, I wasn’t even aware there was so many in Ayrshire doing it.

“Myself and Pro Focus are from Irvine, MRM, Robbie he’s from Springside, Cauldrons from Coylton, Dale from Coylton.

“We’re just trying to show that there are real MCs out there, that do understand the culture of Hip Hop, rather than this money making scheme everyone else is involved in. I’m more a concious musician myself and try and spread a message.

“I’ve been doing it personally for just about two years now, I’ve always been a fan but I didn’t actually start writing until my grandad passed away, who was basically like my dad, and couldn’t deal with the loss.

“To get myself through it I wrote a song called A Better Life. I had it for about a year and never thought of doing anything with it, went through a tough time, recorded it and posted it and it made it onto Irvine Beat FM, so it’s just sort of took off from there.”

To view the video visit or just search Ayrshire Rep Your City.