The future of Kilwinning Rangers will be debated this week, after Buffs’ boss told the Times the move to Kilwinning Sports Club was ‘inevitable’.

A supporters meeting has been arranged for Thursday, June 28 at 6.30pm in Abbey Park, after it was revealed the Buff’s much-loved grounds needed half-a-million pounds worth of repairs.

The club said: “We’d like our fans to come along to have an open discussion and if there’s a way to replace these portacabins with brick buildings we’d like to hear the options.

“The changing rooms will be open prior to the meeting, please go in and have a look so you can see what we are dealing with.”

The potential move was debated by Kilwinning community councillors last Thursday. Cllr Donald Reid said: “It would be fair to say Kilwinning Rangers are looking to their future. They want an acceptable standard of facility and that’s why they’re considering moving.”

Community Councillor John Harrison said: “It’s known as a community club and that’s where the community is. Where will people stand if they go to Pennyburn? It’s all flat.

“There is nowhere nearby where you can go and have a wee pint or other amenities.

Chair Jackie Hamilton: “The problem is [the grounds] are not fit, it’s not passing health and safety.”

Buffs Chair Colin Boyd previously told the Times: “It will happen at some point in the future, that’s the truth of it. Whether it be one, three or 10 years from now, it will happen.

“It’s inevitable because we can’t afford to do up Abbey Park. It will cost at least half-a-million pounds and it’s simply too much for us.

“At the moment we train there and hold all our meetings there. The only thing we do at Abbey Park now is play matches there. It just makes sense.”