AN Irvine gamer received some community service after remarks during an online multi-play session sparked a domestic row.

Ryan Boyd, of Stewart Drive, pled guilty to an amended charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner when he appeared before Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last Wednesday.

The court heard 27-year-old Boyd was in the living room playing a video game with his 11-week-old baby while his partner was doing housework on April 7, at an address in Saltcoats.

She asked him to help rather than concentrating on his game before walking away.

She overheard Boyd calling her names to his friends via the headset, returned to the room and ordered him to get out.

When he refused, she then reached across to remove his headset before Boyd then pushed her and they began arguing.

When she again asked him to leave, he said ‘I’m not going anywhere’.

The woman then called her brother, who overheard Boyd say he would kick his ‘c*** in’ if he comes to the house.

Her brother then phoned the police but Boyd had left before they arrived.

Boyd was later arrested and told officers he ‘didn’t say what she said’.

Defence solicitor James Irvine said: “The couple had just had a baby, now four months old. Emotions were running high."

“And hormones”, added Sheriff Iona MacDonald.

Mr Irvine continued: “He had the baby on his lap and the headphones on, she was not impressed. Things were said and he accepts he over reacted. 

He told the court Boyd had maintained supervised contact with the child while on bail.

Sheriff McDonald reminded Boyd this was the second offence on his re cord and requested he do some ‘good work for the community’.

Boyd received a Community Payback Order with 80 hours of unpaid work to be completed within three months.

Sheriff McDonald added: “Any further incidents you will be jailed, do you understand that?”

Boyd said: “Yes I understand.”