An Irvine councillor has come under fire after a series of offensive Tweets was unearthed. 

Conservative Scott Gallacher wrote insulting comments about various female SNP politicians on a private Twitter account which required followers to be approved.

The account @sgmk0 - which used “Natzi” to describe SNP supporters and commuters ‘weirdo's and skelpers’ - has since been deleted. 

The Irvine West member has since described the tweets as 'schoolboy tongue-in-cheek' comments and apologised to anyone offended.

On Irvine's MP Dr Philippa Whitford, who in one Tweet was described as 'Jihadi Philippa', he wrote, "My Local MP. Horrendous apology of a woman. We'd have been better sticking with Brian Donohoe." 

When Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock MSP Jeane Freeman was appointed Health Secretary, he wrote: "Capstan Full Strength, cos you don't get a face like a road map of Birmingham by smoking Silk Cut."

In another Tweet about an SNP MSP he wrote: "Kirsty Blackman really does have a face that would put the hens off the lay. Always tripping her. And a wee boys haircut."  

While tweeting during an episode of Question Time, Cllr Gallacher said: "Why is there so many shouty wimmin on #bbcqt tonight? Do none of them have a piece to make for their husbands to take to work tomorrow?" 

He also tweeted: "Transvestites at Xmas. These are men who just want to eat, drink, and be Mary." 

When contacted by the Times, Cllr Scott Gallacher said: “I would hate for anyone to be genuinely upset by something I tweeted, and apologise to anyone who was.”

"Most people can probably see these were schoolboy tongue-in-cheek remarks though I do apologise for any upset." 

This follows his North Ayrshire Conservative colleague Todd Ferguson coming under fire for a number of ‘xenophobic’ tweets aimed at SNP Cllr Joy Brahim. 

Cllr Joy Brahim said: "I am really disappointed in Scott Gallacher.

"The Tories need to get a grip because they clearly have a problem across the country, including in North Ayrshire."

Irvine South Labour Cllr Robert Foster wrote: "The Tories on North Ayrshire Council are some bunch. Now this the day after Todd Ferguson’s xenophobic outbursts."

Later he wrote: "Another apology from yet another Tory Councillor on North Ayrshire Council after deeply offensive comments made from his twitter account. Does @RuthDavidsonMSP and her party have no shame?"