AN IRVINE man who stashed his heroin inside a Kinder Egg has been fined.

Scott Robert Thallon appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and admitted to hiding a ‘tenner bag’ of the class A drug inside the children’s treat at a house in Scott Road on March 29 this year.

The court heard the 41-year-old of McKinlay Crescent had been at the home of his former girlfriend when police attended the street for a separate matter.

Thallon’s ex-girlfriend then invited police to come in to her home and showed them to a bedroom where they came across the drugs.

The Fiscal told the court: “Police attended the street in respect of another incident. They spoke to the accused’s former girlfriend and she invited them into the home.

“The accused was sitting in the living room and she direc ted them to the bedroom. “In there they seen a clear wrap containing brown powder. There was around 0.2g to the value of £10. “He was spoken to and indicated it belonged to him.”

However defending Thallon, his solicitor Jim Irvine told the court his client was now “stable” despite a history of drug abuse.

He told the court: “Police had come to the house and he was in the house.

“They noticed the Kinder Egg with a wrap of heroin in it. It’ s generally described as a ‘tenner bag’.

“He has previous convictions for misuse of drugs, but he is currently stable on a methadone programme.”

Sheriff Shirley Foran fined Thallon £140.