CASH-STRAPPED Kilwinning Rangers were dealt a new blow this weekend after yobs invaded Abbey Park and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Buffs chiefs are now warning kids to keep out of Abbey Park after vandals wrecked the sprinkler system, chucked rocks all over the grass and upturned wheelie bins.

Bosses at the club say kids were spotted hanging around the park between Friday and Saturday and when the maintenance team checked the park on Sunday they found the sprinklers were damaged and rubbish and rubble was strewn all over the park.

But the club says there is a serious danger to anyone who is in the park unauthorised due to the state of some of the buildings.

A committee spokesman told the Times: “We think there’s been a couple of kids up there hanging about and they’ve been having a bit of fun, but it’s actually caused a bit of damage. It’s malicious fun. It’s bad enough that there’s a mess and the sprinklers have been damaged but the real fear is that someone will try and climb on top of the buildings and some of them are not safe so I dread to think what could happen. 

"We would like to ask anyone who is thinking about hanging about at Abbey Park to find somewhere else to go. If someone was to climb on top of the roof of one of those buildings there’s no way of knowing how safe they are or what might happen so our advice would be jus to stay away.”

Chairman Colin Boyd added: “I haven’t actually seen the damage yet but I was informed about it over the weekend. Obviously it’s disappointing. We assume it’s just kids bored and looking for something to do, but this is our club and now we will have to find the money from somewhere to try and fix the damage.”