A VULNERABLE pensioner says she has been left ‘in danger’ after her celling caved in and housing bosses told her it would take almost four weeks to fix it.

Ellen Cunningham suffers from a respiratory condition and says since her ceiling collapsed at her Kirk Vennel home, her breathing has become worse and she is frightened she will come to further harm.

The 76-year-old says she called North Ayrshire Council last Monday to report the collapse and their inspectors came out two days later to assess the damage.

She says after looking at it they told her they would not be able to come out and repair it fully until July 30 - almost a month after it originally collapsed.

She told the Times: “My ceiling just collapsed into my living room. I don’t know what caused it.

“It may be water damage but I called the council on the Monday when it happened and it took them two days to come out and see it.

“I am 76 and live alone and had to clear all that up.

“Then when they finally did come out they said they couldn’t fix it until July 30. That’s the end of the month, nearly four weeks from when it happened.

“I have a chest problem and I am waiting on the results of an x-ray but my breathing isn’t good and it’s been made worse by all the dust from this ceiling.

“I just wish they would get it fixed. It’s dangerous.” But housing bosses at North Ayrshire Council say they will try and get to Mrs Cunningham’s house “at the earliest opportunity” to repair the damaged ceiling.

A spokesperson said: “This repair has been arranged within the timescales set out in our housing repairs policy. “In line with this policy, the repair work will be undertaken by July 30 although we always endeavour to carry out repairs before these dates.

“In this particular instance, we are making arrangements with the tenant to attend the property at the earliest possible opportunity to carry out repairs which will remove the hole and hopefully help alleviate any potential respiratory issues being experienced by the tenant.”