A 58-year-old pervert who tried to groom 14-year-old girls online was unknowingly chatting with paedophile hunters.

Philip Penders made lewd comments to what he believed were two teens, promising to top-up their mobile phones in exchange for topless photos.

But he was actually speaking to two members of a vigilante group called Child Protectors Scotland.

Penders, of Kilwinning’s Muirside Court, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to two charges.

The court heard that a 49-year-old Child Protectors Scotland member created an online profile of a female called Sam.

Penders contacted ‘Sam’ on December 12 with the message: “Super like you” and “nice to meet you”.

The complainer said she was 14.

Penders replied: “You’re never 14 babe. Try again, you’re one very sexy woman.”

‘Sam’ then reiterated her age and Penders responded: “Yeah right babe” and asked for her number because: “I would like to see more of you.”

Penders continued to ask for the girl’s number so they could talk on WhatsApp and share “sexy” and “topless” pictures.

When the complainer said: “No, I’m only 14,” Penders replied: “That’s ok.” ‘Sam’ then said she was “only looking for friends,” to which Penders responded: “You can still send sexy pictures to a good friend.”

He then asked the girl to send topless pictures, adding that the more photos she sent, the more he would top up her phone with credit.

Penders’ vile requests continued and the girl kept refusing, reiterating she was only 14.

Pender eventually said: “Do as I say, send pictures,” adding that “there’s no excuses ” and that it wouldn’t kill her to send a couple of pictures of her “t**s”.

On refusing again, Penders told the girl to “go f***” herself and called her a “f*****’ w***e and a “f*****’ cow”.

He then, on two occasions, sent her lewd pictures and messages. Penders struck again when a 27-year-old man, who is also a member of Child Protectors Scotland, set up a similar online profile of a teen called Amy.

Penders contacted ‘Amy’ with the message: “Wow babe, you’re stunning” and asked her if she was on WhatsApp.

When ‘Amy’ said: “I’m 14,” he replied: “You look great, I wish I could see more if you. “I would love to see your boobs.”

The messaging continued and Penders went on to request intimate pictures.

He was told: “I’m only 14 and friends don’t ask to send pictures.”

Penders replied: “F*** off then.”

He then claimed that he would top-up her phone if she sent him photos.

The pair behind the Sam and Amy profiles confronted Penders at his home on December 29.

They live-streamed the encounter on Facebook and Penders was subsequently arrested.

During police interview, Penders accepted that he spoke to the two profiles but claimed that he did not think they were 14 and that he believed they were lying about their ages.

Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane said: “Mr Penders, I need to get a report before I deal with you.”

Penders was placed on the Sex Offenders Register and bailed to return to the court next month.